Cloverdale has writte me!!!

I thought it was a joke or it belongs to a marketing action but I was wrong. He do writte me an email, Cloverdale himself!

Dear Pere,

Good luck with your English! If you still listen to Vaughan Radio, continue doing so. In the long run (a la larga)… in the long run, it will pay handsome dividends.
Un saludo cordial

So I’m a lucky guy! I answer him immediatly … and what had happen? He answer me again!

¿Por qué no he de escribir a gente que habla bien de mí?
De vez en cuando, cuando tengo un rato sin trabajo urgente o cuando estoy ya cansado y quiero hacer el vago, o juego al solitario o navego por los blogs. Te encontré en el ciberespacio hace una hora y quiero darte las gracias por ser buen oyente. Nada más.
Soy yo. Soy Clovy, el locutor de las mañanas (retransmitido de noche). Si me mandas un correo muy tarde la noche del domingo, lo veré en el locutorio ya en antena el lunes por la mañana. Si me gusta el mensaje ya lo mencionaré en antena el lunes mismo.

What can I say? He seems to be a nice person, hey Clovy you’ve made my day!

I must confess one thing … I told my colleague Lisa that Vaughan radio start to broadcast in Valencia and them she tolds me we were Vaughan customers. It’s really surprinsing and nice to receive an email from someone you hear almost every day in the mornig … News star to bores me and I’ve found Vaughan radio very very useful.

A friend of mine asks me why I was writting in english in this blog, as I told time ago: keep on practising, there’s no other way! Who knows, may that post was the one that Clovy founds

Cloverdale, by the way, don’t be strict with my posts, I use to writte very fast, and don’t review in deep my mistakes, even more, if there’re I don’t correct them. Keep in mind that just want to writte and writte and practise. Again, thanks for your kindly email