Google Moderator

I was looking around my Google Profile when I notice there was new thing for me: Moderator (you may have a look to its starting guide).

Moderator is a tool for send and choose questions in a conference, for instance. The interesting issue is that Google has integrated with Youtube. In fact, it seems that is intended for video conferences, allowing to send and moderate questions to the speaker.

Google is focusing more and more on enterprise, lately I’ve read they have release a .msi packadged Chrome version you may install unattendedly. They also have announce an Exchange disaster – recovery plan based on Gmail for business.

Convert a PDF to text without an OCR

I’ve got a PDF with more than one hundred pages, I need to work on it. So I look around for a tool that may convert those PDF pages into text. I’ve found a nice application -quite well accepted by different people- suggested by Apple: PDF OCR X Community Edition… uhmm, it sounds well.

What a pity, the free edition just convert a single page and I got more than one hundred, and don’t want to go one by one…

I’ve found a single, easy solution that I may found by my self if I thought twice: use Google docs to upload your pdf and choose convert to text, it will let you a open document file.

Google, Chrome and support to Mozilla foundation

Via an article published at spanish slashdot I read a spanish translation to an article comparing webkit and Gecko.

This has been the latest buzz in the web… most interesting things for me are two:

  1. what’s new and what isn’t in Chrome and
  2. what’s going to happen with Mozilla foundation since they keep a collaboration agreement with Google

Is not new; using object oriented programming, isolation tabs by using object orientation and asign for every single tab a different memory area, every tab doesn’t affect to others…

About what’s new and what isn’t in my opinion new things are: Gears integration, virtual machine for javascript, safe browsing and interface aproach (with new start page… also the new comic for show us what is all about…) and finally the whole approach putting new and not new things all together.

Mozilla ang Google has renewed ’till November 2011 their agreement (in spanish here), Mozilla gets 85% of its money from this agreement and that is a too important part of the cake. So… what’s going to happen with Mozilla foundation? I really don’t know and I don’t like to supose anything, but I think that Chrome and Firefox follows differents goals.

The question still remains, if Google will keep on supporting other browser with different target. They both share one very important thing, make the Internet more compatible, open, and fully standard.

Search engine teachs you

I’ve been trying Yahoo! search engine for a few days. I didn’t get what I want. Or at least I didn’t get it as I expect it.

So it’s clear that the way we search its hardly thought by the search engine we use for it. That gaves more and more arguments to the people concerned by privacity issues.