Apache Directory Studio

Thanks to Pedro I’ve been noticed about Apache Directory Studio, which is a subset of a most important project: the Apache Directory and LDAP under the Apache Project.

Thanks to Angel also, I’ve been having a look on that tool. If you want to search, edit and see an LDAP without learn a line about command line, or using ldapmodify plus ldiff files to create or modify entries you should use this tool. Dammed easy.

And you’re in IT probably you have use Eclipse at least once so it would be easy for you since its LDAP editor is a plugin under your Eclipse. You just need to follow this instruccions to get in use as a Eclipse plugin.

Thanks to Pedro & Angel and … great soft again from Apache.

Squid with ldap

I was writting about Squid and I arrive to a sample config file for using squid with OpenLdap. I really don’t know if you’re using squid … probably you should do it. And I don’t know if you’re using ldap … sure you’ve to. If you combine squid with ldap it allows you control who is browsing the web or who doesn’t it and the main thing is who ’cause squid relies on IP authorization method.

The problem: your method is not useful for me, you just check if the user is a valid user, your method doesn’t let us separate all users betwen authorized and non authorized.
The solution: you just need to copy authorized users inside a different OU in your ldap server. If you don’t know how to do it look for a ldap administrator … like me 🙂