RIM going down

Former successful compamny RIM is going down. As I thought is going to happen with Nokia is happening now with RIM. Not to improve, is let the competitors pass over you.

RIM has shown the world its latest Blacberry Curve 9320 with… nothing interesting? minor improvements. Nowadays and particularly for RIM development is crucial. HTC is also going down and Samsung is becoming a very important player among mobile manufacturers, do you know why? have a look on Research & Development amount on both companies, there you got it.

So, stay quiet and you die. Keep on improvement and it keeps yourself alive and knicking, uhm.. by the way, it may apply to many fields, doesn’t it?

Amazon in Spain

Couple of weeks ago Amazon has come to Spain. As long as I’m Amazon customer (both UK & USA sites) I have a look on it. Nothing new, just Amazon. There’re two things where Amazon may have a great impact in Spain:

  • digital books, because the lack of good aproach from publishers, they seems to be blind
  • distribution, because they portfolio, price and cost on delivery

I need books, traditional ones not digital, for my yet not finished university studies. So I check my university online store and Amazon. In short: Amazon is cheaper (even more, if I consider Amazon offer free cost delivery and my university charges an amount for it). Amazon is easier.

The truth must be told and I’ve to admit Amazon has no stock, but honestly, is this particular case I can wait a few days.

In conclusion, IT technologies may help -significantly- to bussines success; easiness in use, delivery efficiency, cost reduction, process management… that’s what you may find after my buy decision in Amazon.

Apps for GTD Work

Nowadays I’m interested in GTD (Get Things Done) an approach to time-management very popular. If don’t know anything about it have a read to wikipedia article about GTD (I found it more clear than Allen’s own explanation on his web page).

As long as a main principle is not to keep task in your mind (it’s recommended to use a store to keep it all inside) I’m looking for an application that let’s me syncronized my smart-phone with, computer and I would appreciate web access.

There’re a lot of applications appearing all around:

  • Omnifocus: even Allen mention it on his web page (quite often by the way) according a lately article you’ll see it has a lack of usability (not mention about the price, 15,99€)
  • Things: very popular among Mac users, lack of sequence task requirements (7,99€).
  • Toodledo: crossplatform, very popular & it has sub-task! (2.33€)
  • Nozbe: as good as any other, Apple oriented development, implementing GTD methodology, translated into Spanish 😉 it has no subtask but they say why (3,99€)
  • Producteev: GTD implementation, or so they say and free up to 100mb & 2 users

Between two first applications now I got a clear approach by reading an article about why Things can’t do GTD there, even OmniFocus comes out with fails.

This days I’m using Wunderlist, it has two major fails: first it does not apply GTD methology (although I do) and sometimes app get freeze if I try to modify a date in a reminder… But it’s free, and it’s a begining.

A bunch of options for you to get started with, but don’t forget, the main issue is to know and practice what GTD methology teaches. I’m planning to switch to a full GTD oriented app, I’ll writte about my choice just to share experiences.