What is free software? by the FSFE

What is free software? Why it should be worried me? How may it impact in our personal lives the adoption of free softare? You only need two minutes to get a spot in this video from the Free Software Foundation Europe that I particularly support.

Who is the most important company on Big Data?

Who is the most important company on Big Data? Google, no doubt. Here I may finish the post… no way.

Big Data is becoming “a must” in many environment. Companies but also governments that wants to develop a consistent Open Government strategy needs to meet with Big Data. You may find different approaches to it, maybe the most popular is Hadoop.

In the beginning was MapReduce, a programming model developed at Google, from MapReduce was derived Hadoop.

As you’re noticing I’m not going into IT details. This shorts notes are just here to introduce you the main thing, the article Why Google is the big data company that matters most and then man behind the scene; Jeff Dean. We do need good engineers, software architecs, programmers… here’s why.

The consistent data treatment done from this algorithms let us manage huge amounts of data. Only from this improvements plus a strong civilian compromise Open Government is becoming possible.

Open Government

Have you ever heard to talk about Open Government? If you don’t you should start by having a look on Wikipedia’s Open Government article.

This one of my latest focus of interest, the technology meets with society and allows access information about how we’re managing our cities and countries.

If you want to know more about how IT may help people and Governments I recommend you few links as a start:

I would like to writte more about this… or so I hope.