Finally Olympus E-510

I’ve bought a Olympus E-510 instead of E-410. There were three main reasons:

  1. Great discount plus 100€ refund from Olympus (yet waiting for it)
  2. Stabilization
  3. Grip

Grip really doesn’t make a difference but is a plus. What really decides me is the discount, it makes affordable to pay the difference and buy the camera with the stabilization

I’ve done a few photos and also I’ve attended a workshop instructed by Olympus teachers. There I’ve got the chance to use the E-3 camera (professional camera from Olympus). Olympus divide their lenses in three groups:

  • Standard Lenses: the ones that you gonna find in your kit, the one that I use, such a 14-42(1:3.5-5.6) and the 40-150(1:3.5-4.5)
  • Pro Lenses: pro stands for professional: in that workshop I test the 8mm(1:3.5 Fisheye) and the 12-60(1:2.8-4.0) with SWD (Supersonic Wave Drive)
  • Top Pro Lenses: as you may assume this are the top lenses, for professional use. I test the 7-14mm(1:4.0), and my Good! I flip with the 150mm(1:2.0) in the studio photos, even more that with the 300mm(1:2.8) outdoors.

You may see a couple of photographies at pbenavent’s Flickr, there’re just a few of them…

Olympus E-410, my next christmas self-gift

Since I was a little kid there was a Olympus OM-2 at home. My father wasn’t very photografy fan but that camera increased my interest till I really became amateur photographer.

I really like my old and professional OM-2 but time for digital evolution finally has come. The main advantage is not to wait till the photos come from the lab and the money saving. No need to explain more about:

  • I may shot as much as I can
  • see immediately how it is
  • my lens are compatibles with a Olympus digital (using an adaptor not very expensive)
  • … nothing in common with compact digital cameras …

After looking for a choice I decided to buy a Olympus E-410. This camera is really affordable among the rest of DSLR, it’s intended to be a choice for amateur photographer or a second choice for professional.

The next step in Olympus is a E-510 which is quite expensive and offers two main differences: more professional grip and stabilization in the camera body. The first one is worthless for me ’cause I don’t expend hours and hours working with the camera and the second one is not so worthless but I’ve been told that is fairly more interesting stabilization in the lens than in the body camera. Anyway, there’s so much price increase that I’m going to keep the E-410 choice.