Performance on different CMS

By reading a web-developer planet I found an article about Measuring some CMS performance. Although the article is wrote in spanish you may understand the main ideas by looking at the graphs.

There’re two ideas I wanna to highlight:

  1. WordPress performance is not good unless you use a cache plugin
  2. Textpattern and Nucleus are the best ones in terms of performance. You may also mention Drupal but with an incorporated cache system

That makes me repeat once more an old idea that I have about this … CMSs. WordPress is most popular but its designed for personal weblog. You may use it to build up a website but it wasn’t desing for that. Even more; if you use WordPress you’re going to be in a continuous updating job, there’re constants updates ’cause security reasons or something.

Textpattern has been planned not just for a personal weblog but also for a hole website, and according Kusor, its code desing is simply better.
I can’t say a word about Nucleus ’cause I don’t know it.

EPIC Perl in Eclipse

Nowadays I’m using VI or Komodo Edit [1] for Perl code editing tasks… (It sound great, if you have a look at my scripts probably you get disappointed).
Both are available under Linux and MS but yesterday Julian (nice guy working at Capgemini) tolds me about EPIC, which is an open source editor based on Eclipse. We better say it’s an Eclipse extension to edit Perl , debug and so on with Eclipse.

Why you should use it instead of VIM or Komodo? VI plays another league, I love VI (I’m still learning, well, you never stop to learn once you star with VI) but code folding, frames at coding, auto-complete at such things are more in the code editors or IDE league.
Komodo it’s quite a lot what I need but it is not open source, and what a pity ’cause I love it. I’ve been looking for something similar at open source software I don’t get what I was looking for. I know there’re solutions out there (Bluefish it’s supposed to be code folding but as far as I know it isn’t it, I don’t feel myself confortable with KDE software, and Scite isn’t nice to work with… )

So EPIC + Eclipse is a great discover that I’m going to test but it has also disadvantages: and IDE is more than I need, the price for be multi platform is to be wrote in Java and that hurts to my laptop.

[1] don’t confuse Komodo Edit wih Komo IDE; first one is free and just an editor, second one is an IDE and you have to pay for it

Perl, every where

This days I’m writting a perl script to verify a 25 port is available on a particular machine. I’ve writte two different versions:

  1. first one using Use IO::Socket: hard way, dealing with carriage returns, and line-feeds, specially if you’re using qmail, and my version was unable to connect with qmail or exchange transparently…
  2. second one using Use Net::SMTP: easy, smoothly way, no problems at all and able to connect both servers (qmail and exchange) using the same script.

I’ll put that script at my never-starting project …

Most interesting thing is that I’ve talking with a MS Admin about using perl also in Microsoft machines. I hope it happens.

Is there a place for a C programmer?

I’ve been talking yesterday with a colleague at the office. She kindly asks me about my bachelor’s degree studies … We end up talking about useless things at our company.

My mate supports that C programming is, more or less, useless … she doesn’t pointed very accurately about pointless for our company or pointless in general…

I should say that I don’t agree with her. In fact I told her that I don’t agree with this particular subject. I do believe that C keeps a wide area in companies, specially in low level programming devices, such as toys, mechanical components, … and for sure, low level programming subsystems.

Obviously web environment has caught general atention, also java developments. It’s clear and fair. The first one is becoming an easy and fast way to develop across internet and let your applications running inside a simple web broser. The second one is wide use in big companies.

Despite the majority, don’t confuse majority with the whole thing. And, yes, I know that it doesn’t necessarily means that it could be a good idea keep yourself learning C as a future option. Keep you mind wide open.