Netetiquette and Blogging

There was a time when people writes FAQ about net-etiquette… I’ve no longer see this FAQ nowadays.

The company former known as a Yahoo! developed its own blogging (Yahoo 360) platform as a response to the emerging and dominant Blogger. As a part of the new era in the company Yahoo 360 has disappeared, so, I received a mail for three times that I want to share as an example about how to deal kindly with a request.
Disclaimer: I don’t know who’s supporting and I’m no sponsored by them (and by nobody) but they deserved this note.

Remember, toujours la politesse.

Hi Pere,

I wanted to reach out to you one last time. Please see my previous email below, if I
don’t hear back from you, I’ll assume my suggestion isn’t of interest.

Thank you for your time, apologies if I’ve been a nuisance at all.

On Sun, Jan 28, 2018 at 10:50 AM, Tom Howard wrote:
Hi Pere,

I appreciate you’re busy but I just wanted to follow up on the email I sent you the
other day; a copy is included below for reference.

On Mon, Jan 22, 2018 at 11:01 AM, Tom Howard wrote:

I found a broken link Pere and thought you’d want to know.

You’ve got a link to Yahoo 360 ( here on your site – which is a defunct initiative that allowed you
to publish a blog on the Yahoo platform.

The URL just goes to the homepage now which isn’t all that useful if any of your
visitors are looking to start a blog.

Perhaps you could update your page and point people to We have a handy
step-by-step guide to starting a blog which people might find useful –

I hope this helps.

Foursquare, big numbers

I like foursquare, yes I do. It really doesn’t matter how they monetize the company -at least not for this post- but it’s amazing to have a look on their page The last three months on foursquare where they show us 500 million of checkin’s. Amazing, isn’t it?.

Even more, you may have a more closer info by searching your country or city. Some examples, and by the way, compare by yourself:

And you may try by yourself your own city, now, what it’s really important; have ever thought about the inmense amount of information about customers habits that Foursquare keeps in its system?

If you have a company, have you ever consider take advantage from this and work together with social media?

PD: I’m also re-testing scheduling post on my blog.

Obtener una URL personal en Facebook

Una URL personal en Facebook es una dirección web para nuestro perfil mucho más fácil de recordar. En un uso profesional de las redes sociales es fundamental tener una, sobre todo para la página de empresa.

Los pasos a seguir son:

  1. Entramos en Facebook con el usuario para el que vamos a crear la dirección corta
  2. Pulsamos en el menu desplegable de la parte superior derecha y pulsamos en “Configuración de la cuenta”
  3. Si no estamos en la opción “General” pulsamos sobre ella, y luego sobre “Nombre de usuario”
    Elegimos el nombre (por ejemplo de empresa), se comprobará si está disponible
  4. Tecleamos nuestra contraseña de Facebook y pulsamos en guardar y listo

Tengamos presente que Facebook cambia frecuentemente sus opciones y la operativa para acceder a ellas o modificarlas, así que aseguraos que estos pasos siguen vigentes.

Una imagen de apoyo:

Obtener una URL personal en Facebook
Imagen de la página de configuración de Facebook de URL personales

Addthis at this blog

Finally I took a few minutes to install, register and configure the plugin Addthis for WordPress.

Addthis more interesting feature is statistics, not just add those famous buttons for Social Media easy sharing. Nowadays is crucial to know who shares your content, it gives you an incredible feedback in order to improve your website, social media impact on SEO, SEM and SMO.

And about how Addthis may help us with statistics, they explain it better than me: