Oracle against Redhat

I’ve wrote a post in spanish slashdot about Oracle competing with Redhat.

Slashdot is following that subject, for instance Oracle and Red Hat begin battle for the Enterprise… so this matter is getting hot.

In my opinion there’s a target for Oracle if they stole support in something more or less similar to a Database Apliance and also in a Server Application Apliance, but I see less sense in a redhat running as a non-database server.

This entry has been frozen a few days … and it gave me time to think about what the hell is trying ORacle … in my opinion they may feel that Redhat can take advantage by combining O.S + JBoss vs. some open source databse, such as Postgres … many professionals knows that Postgresql has a more professional aproach and a very good performance. Sure Oracle offers something else and you need tech staff to keep RH + JBoss + Postgresql but it runs very very well.

Let’s see what future brings to us…