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State of art for RHEL clones 0

A short post just to share a grid with nowadays alternatives to RHEL clones after IBM decision on CentOS. In order to keep it simple I don’t link to the downloads, you’ll find each download on its own page. Neither I extend my opinion, just a very minimal note. Longer explanations deserves its own post. […]

Fedora on a white macbook 0

A work mate offered me his old white macbook. As long as Apple decides about the so called programmed obsolescence, he installed a Linux to stay secure and fully operative. He use to run Linux Mint, which is a good distro for the desktop and end-user. He asked what distro I use, and so, he […]

Plan B, failure, loosers and winners 0

You start thinking about Plan B and every thought that you put into Plan B you’re taking away now that thought and that energy from playing a and and it’s very important to understand that we function better if there is no safety net because Plan B becomes a safety net. It says that if […]

Time to die, Rutger Hauer 0

Rutger Hauer has passed. Not now, but a lot of time my home page has keeped an hide html section with this unforgetable moment  

Cloverdale has writte me!!! 0

I thought it was a joke or it belongs to a marketing action but I was wrong. He do writte me an email, Cloverdale himself! Dear Pere, Good luck with your English! If you still listen to Vaughan Radio, continue doing so. In the long run (a la larga)… in the long run, it will […]