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Rebranding, componentes y prescripción al cliente 0

Rebranding La primera vez que escuché la palabra rebranding fue en mi profesión. El concepto es aplicable a muchos ámbitos y es muy fácil de explicar, se trata de re-etiquetar. Es distinto a otros conceptos parecidos, por ejemplo, si ciertas marcas de automóviles comparten los motores y los chasis, eso es rebranding en sentido esctricto […]

Just try it 0

Chase Jarvis did it again. Honestly I don’t care if Chase Jarvis is a top photo professional or just a fairly good with a lot of marketing. The fact is that sometimes he inspires me to shot more and think less. Today is not about motivation to shot but a coincidence, in his post about […]

Fiona Hall, fotografa de la Antartida 0

De repente llego a esta página con 10 fotos sobre La Antartida: … bueno, fotos bonitas, leo un poco de qué va y leo que una de ellas -con pinguinos- quedó entre la selección final de Fotografo de Naturaleza salvaje del año… no me pregunteis por qué -bueno sí, por que soy muy curioso- […]

Rawstudio opens orf from Olympus E-510 0

Yes it does it I’ve been looking for a program that lets me open .orf files from my Olympus E-510 and since I use Fedora I rule out from official software from Olympus. I keep on using their official software for firmware updates, but just for it. So Rawstudio definitely opens .orf (which is the […]

Fedora problems with dvd-slideshow and how to solve them 0

I’ve just returned from our holidays in Florence… nice city by the way, very nice in deep. Since I’ve carried my DSLR Olympus E-510 with me I’ve done several photos, now I’m involved in the post production job I wanna some photo slideshow that keeps amused my family on the TV so I search some […]