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How good it’s philosophy for being a developer? 0

It’s quite encouraging listening what Chris Lee says about mature people that starts to learn to programming. He says that lawers, philosophy degrees and musicians are logical and detail oriented professionals. Those attributes help them to learn to code and otherwise are skills the newies needs to develop. You may listen the podcast (go to […]

What cloud solution to choose and why 0

There is no cloud. It’s just someone else’s computer. Chris Watterston The Cloud (PaaS, SaaS, IaaS, …, etc.) is a stablished as solution nowadays. According to where is the hardware, it’s told that there’re three types of cloud implementation: public: your solution it’s on provider datacenter private: your cloud it’s on your own datacenter(s) hybrid: […]

Who is the most important company on Big Data? 0

Who is the most important company on Big Data? Google, no doubt. Here I may finish the post… no way. Big Data is becoming “a must” in many environment. Companies but also governments that wants to develop a consistent Open Government strategy needs to meet with Big Data. You may find different approaches to it, […]

How Linux is built 0

Although is becoming quite viral I can’t resist the urge to share this. It’s a model about how a good job can be done, and yes, I do like GNU/Linux.

Metalevel showing what Essential is 0

I’ve always thought people who share they knowledge and spend time teaching are nice people and their works need to be spread out there. And that’s what I wanna to do with Pedro work at Metalevel, for instance he has record a podcast showing us how Essential works generating code in an almost simple way […]