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Who is the most important company on Big Data? 0

Who is the most important company on Big Data? Google, no doubt. Here I may finish the post… no way. Big Data is becoming “a must” in many environment. Companies but also governments that wants to develop a consistent Open Government strategy needs to meet with Big Data. You may find different approaches to it, […]

How Linux is built 0

Although is becoming quite viral I can’t resist the urge to share this. It’s a model about how a good job can be done, and yes, I do like GNU/Linux.

Metalevel showing what Essential is 0

I’ve always thought people who share they knowledge and spend time teaching are nice people and their works need to be spread out there. And that’s what I wanna to do with Pedro work at Metalevel, for instance he has record a podcast showing us how Essential works generating code in an almost simple way […]

Apache Directory Studio 0

Thanks to Pedro I’ve been noticed about Apache Directory Studio, which is a subset of a most important project: the Apache Directory and LDAP under the Apache Project. Thanks to Angel also, I’ve been having a look on that tool. If you want to search, edit and see an LDAP without learn a line about […]

How to know my own PID in a bash shellscript 0

I was sure there’s a way to know easily what is the PID in a bash shellscript, without doing anything complicated -such a ps wwaux | grep something– and then I’ve found this quick ref. about less easily guessed commands and codes in Unix shell By the way, inside a shellscript, the PID of that […]

Delete a line with sed 0

I wrote about how append a new line using sed. Now let me copy here how to erase or delete a line using sed if that line has a pattern. If you want to erase, for instance a line that starts with # character, you should use something like: sed -e ‘/^#/d’ If your text […]

Friends of my friends 0

As Nop has wrotte friends of my friends are not (necessarily) my friends, for sure you may compose an acronym imitating FOF but this is too geek even for me. Nop says that he receives a lot of Facebook requests for getting in touch with people who is friend of somebody else and not known […]

Some thoughts about IBM plans to buy Sun 0

This days there’s some buzz about IBM plans to buy SUN, it really doesn’t affect a poor boy such me but just for fun I was thinking about it. The golden egg is Java. I have no idea about how many chances offers to IBM to get Java under its umbrella, you simply consider that […]

Chrome means javascript 0

Yes, I know it’s a little bit excessive ’cause there’re more things inside Chrome browser, but just in order to catch your attention it’s a good title. Recently, I’ve seen in one of my feeds a graph showing language programs on the rise or more used right now. Two things to highlight: php is loosing […]

Object Oriented Programming passed 0

Finally I received a phone message with my subject note… and it has been passed with the minimum note to pass it but done. Now time to try a little relax and plan how its going to be the next semester. Probably I choose two subject for the next six moths instead of follow just […]