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Fedora on a white macbook 0

A work mate offered me his old white macbook. As long as Apple decides about the so called programmed obsolescence, he installed a Linux to stay secure and fully operative. He use to run Linux Mint, which is a good distro for the desktop and end-user. He asked what distro I use, and so, he […]

Awsesome Contactless marketing… by Apple 0

I’ve been involved in a contactless payment project, in fact, maybe one of the biggest projects in Spain. Among other powerful reasons (such a VISA and Mastercard support) one reason to choose NFC as a technology to implement contactless payment is because it’s an standard. I do love standards Apple has shown its contactless solutions […]

How Apple designs 0

Recently I read 12 Reasons Why the Apple Design Process Is Nothing Special, which is a resume from the original interview with Jony Ive. Most of the things he say is just pure common sense and we use to forget that things on day to day work: Being focused, being accurated with the details, look […]

Buzz & more buzz about iPad 0

Finally is out and it has been less that I was looking for. Yep, I’m talking about The new iPad, people is so devoted that even the brand name have been commented. It’s no so revolutionary, for sure they have done a great job. Personaly, I really believe they’re yet leaders on this category. You […]

iPad2 vs the rest of the world 0

Busy as I’m it tooks to me too much to say something about iPad2. I’m going to be very very direct, and for sure it’s just my opinion. As I said Motorola Xoom was the only to face iPad; mainly for two reasons: Android 3.0 Nice & polished aspect I don’t care about how good […]