Theme change in WordPress

I’ve been loyal to Sator-ii theme by Felipe Lavín for a very long time.

I don’t get very well re-sharping the theme with menus, now, natively supported in WordPress. Maybe it’s my fault.

So I look around for a theme with three main requirements:

  1. menu support,
  2. as similar to Sator-ii as posible (clean an easy to read)
  3. … and two columns

So here’s RapidOne Lite by Rising Theme.

Privacy matters, very much.

In Europe a new reglamentation has enforce the privacy guarantees for citizens. I’ve used the default privacy policy page for this blog that WordPress offers.

And as soon as posible I’ll customized it in order to let it clear: I don’t collect any data because I’m very concern about privacy.

Please, privacy matters, you must stop using some software and services that collect all your data. Really.

Note: I suggest as a further reading:

Why I remove the AddThis plugin?

I’ve being using the AddThis plugin in WordPress for a quite time. I’ve have decide to eliminate it for coherence reasons.

I started to use Privacy Badger in Firefox and I realize that the AddThis give a way to make easy to share the posts I wrote but the payment is (as many others things that are for free in the Internet) they collect information about the people browsing this site, no matters if the post is shared or not.

So, as long as I’m Free Software Foundation Europe supporter (consider collaborate with FSFE) and I’ll found myself better if erase it. This are my two cents to improve your and my privacy.

Netetiquette and Blogging

There was a time when people writes FAQ about net-etiquette… I’ve no longer see this FAQ nowadays.

The company former known as a Yahoo! developed its own blogging (Yahoo 360) platform as a response to the emerging and dominant Blogger. As a part of the new era in the company Yahoo 360 has disappeared, so, I received a mail for three times that I want to share as an example about how to deal kindly with a request.
Disclaimer: I don’t know who’s supporting and I’m no sponsored by them (and by nobody) but they deserved this note.

Remember, toujours la politesse.

Hi Pere,

I wanted to reach out to you one last time. Please see my previous email below, if I
don’t hear back from you, I’ll assume my suggestion isn’t of interest.

Thank you for your time, apologies if I’ve been a nuisance at all.

On Sun, Jan 28, 2018 at 10:50 AM, Tom Howard wrote:
Hi Pere,

I appreciate you’re busy but I just wanted to follow up on the email I sent you the
other day; a copy is included below for reference.

On Mon, Jan 22, 2018 at 11:01 AM, Tom Howard wrote:

I found a broken link Pere and thought you’d want to know.

You’ve got a link to Yahoo 360 ( here on your site – which is a defunct initiative that allowed you
to publish a blog on the Yahoo platform.

The URL just goes to the homepage now which isn’t all that useful if any of your
visitors are looking to start a blog.

Perhaps you could update your page and point people to We have a handy
step-by-step guide to starting a blog which people might find useful –

I hope this helps.

Es importante hacer aquello en lo que se cree

Este artículo va en castellano y si no te interesa la tecnología tal vez sí te interese.

He leído un artículo de Dan Gilmore (periodista sobre tecnología) titulado Why I’m saying godbay to Apple, Google and Microsoft y me ha hecho volver sobre mis pasos.

Cuando leí el artículo me impresionó por distintas razones, contacte con Dan Gilmore y me ofrecí a traducirlo. A veces las personas son famosas y educadas, me respondió con rapidez diciéndome que ya estaba traducido: ¿Por qué le digo adiós a Apple, Google y Microsoft? (añado que no puedo competir con la bella maquetación de Medium).

El software libre tiene múltiples ventajas que no voy a comentar ahora (es gratis -aunque no siempre-, estable, supervisado por grandes grupos de desarrolladores, ofrece la libertad de manipular el código) en general es muy eficiente y seguro.

Además de las razones anteriores el software libre está comprometido con una serie de valores y ahí ya no hablamos de cuestiones tecnológicas sino de principios. Por ejemplo, el software libre está defiende entre otras cosas, la libertad de elección del usuario sin cautividades, el trabajo en común y por lo común, defiende la privacidad de los usuarios frente a abusos… en fin.

Gilmore reproduce una frase Cory Doctorow que viene a decir que es importante hacer aquello en lo que se cree.

Además, el software libre, simplemente funciona, y funciona bien.

¿Por qué digo volver sobre mis pasos? Adiós iPhone, en breve un S.O. libre en el teléfono. El ordenado principal de uso personal es una Lenovo T400 que a pesar de su edad funciona perfectamente con Fedora.