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Deseos para el día de “Acción de Gracias ” por Dan Gillmor 0

(Previa: este post es una traducción del original publicado por Dan Gillmor en su blog. Detalles aquí) (Nota del autor: esto es una adaptación de un editorial del Día de Acción de Gracias que escribí hace muchos años en Detroit Free Press y que luego actualicé en mi columna de San Jose Mercury News). Acción […]

Theme change in WordPress 0

I’ve been loyal to Sator-ii theme by Felipe Lavín for a very long time. I don’t get very well re-sharping the theme with menus, now, natively supported in WordPress. Maybe it’s my fault. So I look around for a theme with three main requirements: menu support, as similar to Sator-ii as posible (clean an easy […]

Privacy matters, very much. 0

In Europe a new reglamentation has enforce the privacy guarantees for citizens. I’ve used the default privacy policy page for this blog that WordPress offers. And as soon as posible I’ll customized it in order to let it clear: I don’t collect any data because I’m very concern about privacy. Please, privacy matters, you must […]

Why I remove the AddThis plugin? 0

I’ve being using the AddThis plugin in WordPress for a quite time. I’ve have decide to eliminate it for coherence reasons. I started to use Privacy Badger in Firefox and I realize that the AddThis give a way to make easy to share the posts I wrote but the payment is (as many others things […]

Netetiquette and Blogging 0

There was a time when people writes FAQ about net-etiquette… I’ve no longer see this FAQ nowadays. The company former known as a Yahoo! developed its own blogging (Yahoo 360) platform as a response to the emerging and dominant Blogger. As a part of the new era in the company Yahoo 360 has disappeared, so, […]