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Cuota de mercado en España de Google en Octubre 2016 0

¿Cuánto puede saber Google de nosotros? Me refiero a -casi- todos nosotros, no a ti o a mi individualmente. Un ejemplo tomado al azar nos dice que la cuota global de Google en las búsquedas de Internet es del 94% en España en Octubre del 2016. La cantidad de información que recopila Google sobre nuestros […]

Google Glass, is it true? 0

I don’t know if the Google Glass Project it’s so mature as the promo shows, but, it really doesn’t matter very much, what is really important is that technology is achieving those thresholds…

Google is Cyberdyne Systems 0

Time ago we were notice that Google have designed a self-guide car, and the Google’s driverless car system is fairly sure. Now, I’ve been noticed that Google aids WWF with a drones. So it has come to my mind that Google is Cyberdyne System and its datacenter plus apps are Skynet… so get ready, all […]

Foursquare to OpenStreetMap 0

Foursquare has made a great change. They’re moving from Google Maps to Open Street Maps. This is not only a simple map change. Google Maps and Open Street Maps they both have different approaches. While Google is a Foursquare has choose Open Street Map because: It’s a crowd-sourced global atlas, and it’s kind of amazing! […]

Android 3.0 and iPad 0

Most of you already have a watch on this video (I link it again just in case) Android 3.0 Preview … but this one has not been so popular, in my opinion; Introducing Motorola XOOM Now few things about this news: in my opinion first video has a very TRON look alike, anybody feels the […]

Google Moderator 0

I was looking around my Google Profile when I notice there was new thing for me: Moderator (you may have a look to its starting guide). Moderator is a tool for send and choose questions in a conference, for instance. The interesting issue is that Google has integrated with Youtube. In fact, it seems that […]

Convert a PDF to text without an OCR 0

I’ve got a PDF with more than one hundred pages, I need to work on it. So I look around for a tool that may convert those PDF pages into text. I’ve found a nice application -quite well accepted by different people- suggested by Apple: PDF OCR X Community Edition… uhmm, it sounds well. What […]

SkyNet T-Shirt 0

To all you dear Terminator believers, Google fans, Google haters,  and  so on… you should buy this T-shirt now! Thanks to David from Strobbist

Google, Chrome and support to Mozilla foundation 0

Via an article published at spanish slashdot I read a spanish translation to an article comparing webkit and Gecko. This has been the latest buzz in the web… most interesting things for me are two: what’s new and what isn’t in Chrome and what’s going to happen with Mozilla foundation since they keep a collaboration […]

Search engine teachs you 0

I’ve been trying Yahoo! search engine for a few days. I didn’t get what I want. Or at least I didn’t get it as I expect it. So it’s clear that the way we search its hardly thought by the search engine we use for it. That gaves more and more arguments to the people […]