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Apache Directory Studio 0

Thanks to Pedro I’ve been noticed about Apache Directory Studio, which is a subset of a most important project: the Apache Directory and LDAP under the Apache Project. Thanks to Angel also, I’ve been having a look on that tool. If you want to search, edit and see an LDAP without learn a line about […]

Squid with Active Directory or NTLM 0

I’ve never do that, but have a look to sample squid config file to authenticate with Active Directory … the main idea it’s to do the same as we do before with Squid with OpenLdap. If you’re using Active Directory instead of a true ldap server have a look on that. Note: This entry has […]

Squid with ldap 0

I was writting about Squid and I arrive to a sample config file for using squid with OpenLdap. I really don’t know if you’re using squid … probably you should do it. And I don’t know if you’re using ldap … sure you’ve to. If you combine squid with ldap it allows you control who […]