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Dropbox on its own datacenter 0

I wrotte in 2015 about Microsoft will buy Dropbox, was I wrong? Yes and not. There were a serious threat for Dropbox according its depence from Amazon and, and that time, there were doing things togheter with MS that pointed easily to a possible adquisition. The changes came from both companies; Microsoft started a strong […]

Rebranding, componentes y prescripción al cliente 0

Rebranding La primera vez que escuché la palabra rebranding fue en mi profesión. El concepto es aplicable a muchos ámbitos y es muy fácil de explicar, se trata de re-etiquetar. Es distinto a otros conceptos parecidos, por ejemplo, si ciertas marcas de automóviles comparten los motores y los chasis, eso es rebranding en sentido esctricto […]

Cliente orientación e iniciativa 0

Chase Jarvis es un fotógrafo profesional con varias actividades, además de la de fotógrafo. Una de ellas es Creative Live y allí invitó a Tina Roth Eisenberg (a.k.a. Swiss Miss) que además de diseñadora profesional también tiene otras iniciativas. Esto merecería otro post sobre los proyectos secundarios (side project) de cada uno y cómo los […]

Sentence from movie 0

Have fun is important, more than we used to consider. I’ve found that this sentence from Terminator Franchise in Wikipedia is worthy to be considered: The future’s not set. There’s no fate but what we make for ourselves.

Awsesome Contactless marketing… by Apple 0

I’ve been involved in a contactless payment project, in fact, maybe one of the biggest projects in Spain. Among other powerful reasons (such a VISA and Mastercard support) one reason to choose NFC as a technology to implement contactless payment is because it’s an standard. I do love standards Apple has shown its contactless solutions […]