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Geek christmas 0

I love USB Laser Guided Missile Launcher, this one is a new one with Guided by Laser and reviewing it at Thinkgeek I’ve seen that there’s a link to an API for the USB Laser Guided Missile Launcher so let’s see what this gadget bring us in a not too distant future… Yes, as you […]

Graphical terminals clients in Gnome 0

As higher my Gnome version is, as slower it goes … well not really. Sometimes Gnome guys improve its behavior, not just add features But as my RAM hasn’t grow up since I buy my laptop -I got 256 of RAM yet- I was looking how to obtain more performance… first thing I done was […]

Bruce Lee variation: Be C my friend 0

Wheter Programming essentials at UOC are driving me crazy I received this funny text from my colleague Diego -thank you mate!-.An explanation is needed if you’re outside Spain: this days a famous car manufacturer is broadcasting a TV advertising base on a Bruce Lee interview. As soon as it become popular geek people has toke […]

Oracle against Redhat 0

I’ve wrote a post in spanish slashdot about Oracle competing with Redhat. Slashdot is following that subject, for instance Oracle and Red Hat begin battle for the Enterprise… so this matter is getting hot. In my opinion there’s a target for Oracle if they stole support in something more or less similar to a Database […]

Google testing OpenSolaris? 0

It’s an old new but it seems that Google is testing Opensolaris as an aproach to substitute their wide Linux implantation for OpenSolaris. Probably it really doesn’t happen, and they’re just testing. In fact, that news comes from a Sun’s font. They mention more big companies such as eBay, Yahoo!, Disney, Wall-Mart, and so on. […]