Geek christmas

I love USB Laser Guided Missile Launcher, this one is a new one with Guided by Laser and reviewing it at Thinkgeek I’ve seen that there’s a link to an API for the USB Laser Guided Missile Launcher so let’s see what this gadget bring us in a not too distant future… Yes, as you may assume I’m thinking about a webcam + USB Missile Launcher integration. Killing lovely.

More geek christmas: Pertelian External LCD Display I didn’t know it but it seems they’ve include more features, have a look on what it has: pop3 headers reading, ebay auctions monitoring, weather information, rss reading, instant messaging, and finally, if you have a look on their website at Pertelian you’ll see a demo video. They also offers Unix/Linux integration with dedicated daemon ! Nice.

Graphical terminals clients in Gnome

As higher my Gnome version is, as slower it goes … well not really. Sometimes Gnome guys improve its behavior, not just add features

But as my RAM hasn’t grow up since I buy my laptop -I got 256 of RAM yet- I was looking how to obtain more performance… first thing I done was to switch from Gnome to XFCE and it really gives me an improvement but now I’m again with Gnome, don’t ask me why…

Now I’m looking how much memory my command line uses… here’re the data:

  1. gnome-terminal: 40.408 KB
  2. Terminal: 29.312
  3. xterm:10.824

Some other differences has to be keep in mind. Althoug xterm is really fast and light sometimes is too simple. I like tabs in my terminals, as far as I know there’re no tabs in xterm, you only get something similar by using screen, which is also light and fast but a little bit… hard.

Gnome-terminal is the best option, or so it seems until I discover Terminal from XFCE. As authors says at their page is an alternative to gnome-terminal -my choice on gnome- but saving all those weightly libraries from gnome, so the same but faster and lighter.

This days I’m getting familiar with Terminal, with means nothing ’cause I really need a very basic console use and this is exactly as gnome-terminal is.

Bruce Lee variation: Be C my friend

Wheter Programming essentials at UOC are driving me crazy I received this funny text from my colleague Diego -thank you mate!-.
An explanation is needed if you’re outside Spain: this days a famous car manufacturer is broadcasting a TV advertising base on a Bruce Lee interview.
As soon as it become popular geek people has toke this text and wirtte variation that ends saying things such as …be java my friend. This is supposed to be an ANSI C variation.

Empty your memory,

with a free()….

like a pointer!

If you cast a pointer to a integer,

it becomes the integer,

if you cast a pointer to a struct,

it becomes a struct….

The pointer can crash…,

and can Overflow…

Be a pointer my friend….

Oracle against Redhat

I’ve wrote a post in spanish slashdot about Oracle competing with Redhat.

Slashdot is following that subject, for instance Oracle and Red Hat begin battle for the Enterprise… so this matter is getting hot.

In my opinion there’s a target for Oracle if they stole support in something more or less similar to a Database Apliance and also in a Server Application Apliance, but I see less sense in a redhat running as a non-database server.

This entry has been frozen a few days … and it gave me time to think about what the hell is trying ORacle … in my opinion they may feel that Redhat can take advantage by combining O.S + JBoss vs. some open source databse, such as Postgres … many professionals knows that Postgresql has a more professional aproach and a very good performance. Sure Oracle offers something else and you need tech staff to keep RH + JBoss + Postgresql but it runs very very well.

Let’s see what future brings to us…

Google testing OpenSolaris?

It’s an old new but it seems that Google is testing Opensolaris as an aproach to substitute their wide Linux implantation for OpenSolaris. Probably it really doesn’t happen, and they’re just testing.

In fact, that news comes from a Sun’s font. They mention more big companies such as eBay, Yahoo!, Disney, Wall-Mart, and so on. Google has declined to say anything about it, and the rumour just come out because in an interview somebody from Google talks to an Sun engineer about they plans to test and build their own modified OpenSolaris version, just as they’ve done with their own RedHat Linux version.

No mather how it is, they three are companies that I feel confortable with (Google, Sun, RedHat)