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IP via ProtonVPN and Tor Browser 0

There’s nothing really unknown in this post, I just want to share a little experiment with my personal homespun conclusion at the bottom. I open Chromium and I guess what IP the computer is given by the ISP. It’s an IP from my Spain Launch the ProtonVPN (via a free Japan server) connection and check […]

DD-WRT as a bridge 0

I was using DD-WRT in a Linksys WRT54G/GL/GS years ago. After stop needing it was stored in the deepness of a wardrobe. I’m living in a long flat where a room is far away from the AP, furthermore there’re metal and liquids between the room and the AP which makes the signal intensity lesser. So […]

Privacy on Android 0

Orbot as privacy protection in Android

¿Por qué la privacidad es estratégica para la Unión Europea? 0

El objetivo de estos párrafos es divulgativo, no es un artículo tecnológico, busca más transmitir una opinión de manera genérica y comprensible. La Unión Europea tiene un reglamento general para la protección de los datos de sus ciudadanos, que sin ser perfecto, según la EFF es bueno en la defensa de la privacidad. La defensa […]

Why to effort when there’s the “easy way”? 0

I’m setting up an old Rasperri Py and I was stucked at WiFi configuration. So I may let the ethernet cable plugged (it gives network up & running with a plus of physical security) or just simply let it go. Why to effort when there’s the “easy way”? Because you learn. And btw, as I […]