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Why am i going to “play” with a Rasperry Pi? (Update 31/03/2018) 0

Why am i going to “play” with a Rasperry Pi? Short answer; for educational purposes. No the little bit more explained why I decide to sset up a Rasperry Pi, but also going to the point: I’m very bad with hardware, so it’s a little bit challenging for me a very good friend gift me […]

Active Sync comparison chart 0

Active sync is a MS technology to synchronize mobile devices with an Exchange Server. You may find sometimes your mobile device doesn’t work as you expected with your Exchange Server. Before you consider a bug or before try any workaround I recommend you to have a look to this comparison chart about how compatible is […]

Cluod computing all around… 0

The main stream is to talk about Google+ … well, yeah, I know, and I already got my Google+ account in use, but now I didn’t wrote a single line about that. I want to point and emphazise to things that pass unnoticed for most of us: Amazon. Let me explain myself. First: Apple uses […]

Detect your Flash Player pluggin version 0

Thanks to aNieto2k (in Spanish about Flash Player version detection with Javascript) I’ve found a web page that tells you not only if you got Flash Player plugin installed but also which version. I use to browse the Internet with Firefofox and so easy to type in the URL bar: about:plugins that I forget it’s […]

Next caprice; sonos 0

A colleague -quite fanboy BTW- shows me how sonos works… my first impression was positive. As long as days pass through I get more enthusiastic about it. Few days later I found myself showing sonos video demo to my brother and my brother-in-law. And then I realized how useful it could be, although it cost […]

Dd-wrt as a bridge 0

I’ve set my new Internet conection. The new ISP offers a low cost connection, low price, and low bandwith, it fits what I was looking for. Unfortunately I just can plug one single PC, connection it’s controlled by macaddress plus a password. No problem, I’ve buy a Linksys WRT54GL (remember the L letter and the […]

Spanish expensive and monopoly in Internet access 0

This days I’m moving to a new place. Internet connection has become a commodity. I didn’t study differents options yet but I’ve been told there’s a common minimum price you couldn’t avoid. Even more, by default first year best options belongs to the former spanish monopoly Telefonica. Worst of it isn’t those persistent provider (almost) […]

How do you get your iPod Touch macaddress? 0

So , one of my recents adquisitions at NYC has been an iPod Touch, (the smaller one since I don’t need too much Gb) and when I try to authorize the iPod Touch to connect to my home Wi-Fi, I’ve need to know the device macaddress… I’ve found different ways to get it. Somebody even […]

SkyNet T-Shirt 0

To all you dear Terminator believers, Google fans, Google haters,  and  so on… you should buy this T-shirt now! Thanks to David from Strobbist

Spanish declaration about internet rights 0

Ante la inclusión en el Anteproyecto de Ley de Economía sostenible de modificaciones legislativas que afectan al libre ejercicio de las libertades de expresión, información y el derecho de acceso a la cultura a través de Internet, los periodistas, bloggers, usuarios, profesionales y creadores de internet manifestamos nuestra firme oposición al proyecto, y declaramos que… […]