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Why am i going to “play” with a Rasperry Pi? (Update 31/03/2018) 0

Why am i going to “play” with a Rasperry Pi? Short answer; for educational purposes. No the little bit more explained why I decide to sset up a Rasperry Pi, but also going to the point: I’m very bad with hardware, so it’s a little bit challenging for me a very good friend gift me […]

Dnf update problems and how to solve them 0

One of my workstations runs Fedora for a quite long. I’ve been following practices from my previous technical job and take easy to upgrade the distro or to switch the “lates-what-ever-technology” you would imagine. I’ve finally adopt dnf command instead of yum to manage the command lines. It has being going well but suddenly I’ve […]

First things on an new Linux workstation 0

I got a second hand laptop -just adquired- that fulfills my requirements New root prompt with red background, as I explained time ago, in my opinion it must be a default configuration in order to alert you who you’re. It’s specially useful when jump from one machine to another Install pure flash (yes I know […]

Good advice from Jens Kuehnel 0

I’ve read a short and useful post from Jens Kuehnel, what to do after a Fedora upgrade and here I copy mentioning the author ’cause I’m convinced in a not too distant future I’ll be back on this advices. yum distro-sync package-cleanup –problems package-cleanup –orphans rpmconf -a -fvimdiff rpmorphan Thank you Jens!

How Linux is built 0

Although is becoming quite viral I can’t resist the urge to share this. It’s a model about how a good job can be done, and yes, I do like GNU/Linux.

Media center for Linux 0

I’ve acquired a little hardware box in order to be my next media center. For sure it’s going to be with Linux so I’ve look around to see what’s most mature software. Almost everybody talks about this software: Xmbc: and I’ve seen running on a older Xbox … it’s simply amazing how fast it is: […]

What packages do I have installed in Fedora? 0

There’re easy things to do that I forget how to do it… For instance, I know that I may get a whole package list if I type: rpm -qa on my console screen. I know that I may get information about packages by typingrpm -qi package_name or by typing yum info package_name Since I’m experiencing […]

Fedora 9 just installed 0

As I wrote here a couple of weeks ago I’ve installed Fedora 9 at my laptop. I’ve used for the very first time a different method. My laptop (buyed 04/11/2002) is unable to boot from a DVD, I allways have been using the set of CDs but now I downloaded a ISO that allows you […]

From Fedora to Debian 0

I upgraded from Fedora 7 to Fedora 8 without problems… ’till the day mplayer doesn’t run anymore. A very competent guy from Red Hat who’s working at our office told me to use livna repos … I told him about how upset I feel about livna repos vs. freshrpms repos, they both does not run […]

Yet with up2date in Fedora, WTF! 0

At ending of October I was suffering this error when I try to make yum update and I answer yes in order to install all that yum purposes to me: Running rpm_check_debug ERROR with rpm_check_debug vs depsolve: Package up2date needs python(abi) = 2.4, this is not available. Package rhnlib needs python(abi) = 2.4, this is […]