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Saving 100M ram in Raspberry Pi 0

I’m subscribed to the newsletter and formerly I read an informative post about Set up a minimal server on a Raspberry Pi. I’ve applied three tips from the post I my minimal Raspberry Pi with 512M RAM has earned more than a 100M. The three tips I’ve applied has been: disable bluetooth, disable ipv6 […]

Minimum securization for sshd 0

I run an RaspberryPi inside my home network with ssh access allowed. One of the first things I’d done was to install fail2ban package. I know this is not enough by far. A really secure configuration requires more intel in it but I let it that way just to check how much penetration attemps I’ll […]

Why to effort when there’s the “easy way”? 0

I’m setting up an old Rasperri Py and I was stucked at WiFi configuration. So I may let the ethernet cable plugged (it gives network up & running with a plus of physical security) or just simply let it go. Why to effort when there’s the “easy way”? Because you learn. And btw, as I […]

Summary of skills revisited playing with a Raspberry Pi 0

I wrote about why I decide to play with a nicely gifted Raspberry Pi Model I. So far, a short list of skills revisited or even improved during the setting up process: File system management: basic skill, you need to format an SD card, copy a raw image a get sure is ok Network management: […]

How do you indetify an USB and get it mounted in your Linux? 0

I’m using a RaspberryPi to enforce myself to keep learning. I’ve added an old 8Gb USB stick to the RaspberryPi. The Raspberry runs a very minimal Raspbian Strech Lite without assistants, or graphical interface, not even with the automunt command. So, how do you identify the USB stick plugged and get it mounted or your […]