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Minimum securization for sshd 0

I run an RaspberryPi inside my home network with ssh access allowed. One of the first things I’d done was to install fail2ban package. I know this is not enough by far. A really secure configuration requires more intel in it but I let it that way just to check how much penetration attemps I’ll […]

How to install a concrete binary in a rpm distro 0

How to install a concrete binary in Linux when you don’t know what package contains or provide it

DD-WRT as a bridge 0

I was using DD-WRT in a Linksys WRT54G/GL/GS years ago. After stop needing it was stored in the deepness of a wardrobe. I’m living in a long flat where a room is far away from the AP, furthermore there’re metal and liquids between the room and the AP which makes the signal intensity lesser. So […]

VMs CentOS con IP fija en Hyper-V 0

Máquinas virtuales CentOS con ip fija en Hyper-V

Postresql en Fedora 32: ¿Cómo actualizar? 0

Recién actualizado el equipo de Fedora 31 a Fedora 32 si intentas iniciar el servicio de Postgrqsql ejecutando como root (en adelante, todo lo escrito se ejecuta como root) # systemctl start postgresql da un error. Como siempre, miramos que dice el log tecleando: # journalctl -xe En alguna línea aparece un mensaje similar a […]