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Performance on different CMS 0

By reading a web-developer planet I found an article about Measuring some CMS performance. Although the article is wrote in spanish you may understand the main ideas by looking at the graphs. There’re two ideas I wanna to highlight: WordPress performance is not good unless you use a cache plugin Textpattern and Nucleus are the […]

EPIC Perl in Eclipse 0

Nowadays I’m using VI or Komodo Edit [1] for Perl code editing tasks… (It sound great, if you have a look at my scripts probably you get disappointed).Both are available under Linux and MS but yesterday Julian (nice guy working at Capgemini) tolds me about EPIC, which is an open source editor based on Eclipse. […]

Perl, every where 0

This days I’m writting a perl script to verify a 25 port is available on a particular machine. I’ve writte two different versions: first one using Use IO::Socket: hard way, dealing with carriage returns, and line-feeds, specially if you’re using qmail, and my version was unable to connect with qmail or exchange transparently… second one […]

Is there a place for a C programmer? 0

I’ve been talking yesterday with a colleague at the office. She kindly asks me about my bachelor’s degree studies … We end up talking about useless things at our company. My mate supports that C programming is, more or less, useless … she doesn’t pointed very accurately about pointless for our company or pointless in […]