iPhone microphone broken and Apple is doing

Lately I’ve noticed people doesn’t listen to me when I was talking from my iPhone… I thought it was an operator issue since it doesn’t happen all the time.

But the truth is the problem was increasing more and more, and all around… so it wasn’t a coverage problem. I checked if there were any firmware update, no news.

So it was a real problem. I use to repeat myself I’m not the first one on having this problem (I’m convinced this a good motto by the way for many purposes). Then, I browse a little and it was clear that sometimes iPhone’s microphone dies.

I’ve tried all the things people (and even Apple) recommends to do:

  • reset to default
  • restore a previous backup
  • reset without restore a back
  • trie a voice note in order to check isolated how the microphone works
  • take out any cover protection you’re using (I didn’t)

… and unfortunately, everything stills remains the same… so, what I’m supposed to do? There were two options, phone the telephone company or phone Apple. I take the second one, obviously.

What I get:

  • kind and excellent phone attention, they know what there talking about, they offer me different options
  • I choose via my Apple Care plan, an almost immediate substitution, an UPS comes, takes my broken iPhone and give a brand new iPhone, no need to stay without cellular phone
  • They send me constant email keep me up to date about what’s happening, and they give also a number to track the whole operation, right now, UPS has received the iPhone I’m supposed to receive in a few days.

What is worst of it? You need to pay around 70€ for an Apple Care plan, plus, they keep a big amount of bucks during a couple of days from your credit card ’till they now you’ve send an iPhone and not a piece of … metal, when they know you’ve send a real iPhone they give you your money back.

Conclusion: is disgusting that a so expensive cellular fails in a so simple component, the microphone. On the other hand, why does not manage in the same way, their processes and customer attention, the rest of the companys?… I’ll keep you up to date.

Updated: 24h later UPS has come, nice Apple delivery with a brand new iPhone. As they told me, inside the box I’ve found to little bloxes: a black one, with the iPhone and a white one, empty for me to send they back my failed microphone iPhone. Everything was ready, with an UPS envelope properly tagged… easy, fast… done. Now I just my money deposit back and definitively issue finished.