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How do you get your iPod Touch macaddress? 0

So , one of my recents adquisitions at NYC has been an iPod Touch, (the smaller one since I don’t need too much Gb) and when I try to authorize the iPod Touch to connect to my home Wi-Fi, I’ve need to know the device macaddress… I’ve found different ways to get it. Somebody even […]

New Apple Store at Valencia – Spain 0

According differents sources a new Apple Store is going to be opened in Valencia, Spain. I know this post is more and more buzz in Apple’s favour but I should say that according those bloggers the reason why they choose Valencia is quite satisfactory, is because the target; touristic city, Mac community in Valencia, and […]

I’ve got a Mac 0

Finally I’ve got a Mac… yes I know it is not free software since it comes with MacOS but (remember there’s allways a but) it offers me the chance to test other quite good OS and also install on it Fedora. I keep you updated…