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Android 3.0 and iPad 0

Most of you already have a watch on this video (I link it again just in case) Android 3.0 Preview … but this one has not been so popular, in my opinion; Introducing Motorola XOOM Now few things about this news: in my opinion first video has a very TRON look alike, anybody feels the […]

How to change icon on your Doc 0

I’ve switched from OpenOffice to LibreOffice. I allways thought OpenOffice icon was terrible awful, and I’m not a designer to help by offering something better. I decide to change the icon at the doc in my Macbook but I never did it before so I’ve search how to do it I here I offer how […]

Next caprice; sonos 0

A colleague -quite fanboy BTW- shows me how sonos works… my first impression was positive. As long as days pass through I get more enthusiastic about it. Few days later I found myself showing sonos video demo to my brother and my brother-in-law. And then I realized how useful it could be, although it cost […]

Convert a PDF to text without an OCR 0

I’ve got a PDF with more than one hundred pages, I need to work on it. So I look around for a tool that may convert those PDF pages into text. I’ve found a nice application -quite well accepted by different people- suggested by Apple: PDF OCR X Community Edition… uhmm, it sounds well. What […]

How to get a fully synchronization between iPhone and Google 0

How to get a full iPhone sync with your Google account