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Blackberry sell to Fairfax 0

There has been a lot of buzz about Blackberry’s sell to Fairfax, its major stockholder. Please, let me remind you a few previous material: I said Firefox OS was a “maybe” although I’m convinced it’s late. I also said that Ubuntu for phones was definitely late and it has a lack of company support that […]

Who is the most important company on Big Data? 0

Who is the most important company on Big Data? Google, no doubt. Here I may finish the post… no way. Big Data is becoming “a must” in many environment. Companies but also governments that wants to develop a consistent Open Government strategy needs to meet with Big Data. You may find different approaches to it, […]

Retail in 2020 0

Have you ever wonder how Social Media, IT, Marketing are adding value to the final customer retail experience? Well, here you got a short video with some interesting ideas, and it’s entertaining (Source: CocaCola Retailing Research)

Open Government 0

Have you ever heard to talk about Open Government? If you don’t you should start by having a look on Wikipedia’s Open Government article. This one of my latest focus of interest, the technology meets with society and allows access information about how we’re managing our cities and countries. If you want to know more […]

Firefox OS? maybe 0

I was talking about Ubuntu for phones and I argued that it will not succeed because of the lack of companies -mobile manufacturers- supporting the OS, among others issues. Well now it’s time for another player to come, Firefox OS is on the air. Firefox OS has a true support. The most important telcos are […]

Google Glass, is it true? 0

I don’t know if the Google Glass Project it’s so mature as the promo shows, but, it really doesn’t matter very much, what is really important is that technology is achieving those thresholds…

Foursquare, big numbers 0

I like foursquare, yes I do. It really doesn’t matter how they monetize the company -at least not for this post- but it’s amazing to have a look on their page The last three months on foursquare where they show us 500 million of checkin’s. Amazing, isn’t it?. Even more, you may have a more […]

Ubuntu for phones 0

There few majors players in mobile OS: Apple and Android over all. In a second line Microsoft (with its Nokia slave) and RIM. Now Ubuntu has come to this OS war in mobile devices. You may find a lot of reviews all around, not here. There’s something that comes to my mind constantly: environment. OpenBSD […]

Google is Cyberdyne Systems 0

Time ago we were notice that Google have designed a self-guide car, and the Google’s driverless car system is fairly sure. Now, I’ve been noticed that Google aids WWF with a drones. So it has come to my mind that Google is Cyberdyne System and its datacenter plus apps are Skynet… so get ready, all […]

Adobe Digital Edition vs Python & GNU 0

A very good friend of mine send me a link time ago. It was a present, a gift, a book, a digital book. Nice, I feel very happy since I like the author, it has to have cost money because it was a recent publication. But… there’s always a but, remember, you only have eyes […]