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Goodbay Planet, hello WordPress 0

Lately I’m being helping a friends in getting together a couple of blogs. Those blogs are on different platforms, with different publishimg rythim. My friends wants to put it all together in a single website, all this blogs ordered by publishing time, the most recent at the top of the page. The ideal scenario is […]

Mira eso – Look at that 0

Spanish version: Desarrollas una conciencia global instantánea, una orientación hacia las personas, una intensa insatisfacción con el estado del mundo, y una obligación de hacer algo al respecto. Desde allí en la luna, la política internacional se ven tan pequeña. Quieres coger un político por el cuello y arrastrarlo a un cuarto de millón de […]

Cluod computing all around… 0

The main stream is to talk about Google+ … well, yeah, I know, and I already got my Google+ account in use, but now I didn’t wrote a single line about that. I want to point and emphazise to things that pass unnoticed for most of us: Amazon. Let me explain myself. First: Apple uses […]

Damned wordpress update 0

Damned wordpress update… it always has been easy and smooth to update this CMS but something has happened and the upgrade doesn’t finished properly. Everything out of service ’cause some files has gone bad, so I download and reinstalled all, also this theme that I’m still in love with.

Information comes from differents screens 0

Due to my job functions I read spanish Microsoft blog, and now I’ve found something very interesting. The way we get information through has changed: 55% european media content are TV on demand (somebody here in Spain should be notice about it) 13 millions european acces to Internet through mobile phones (and I’ve to say […]