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iPad2 vs the rest of the world 0

Busy as I’m it tooks to me too much to say something about iPad2. I’m going to be very very direct, and for sure it’s just my opinion. As I said Motorola Xoom was the only to face iPad; mainly for two reasons: Android 3.0 Nice & polished aspect I don’t care about how good […]

iPhone microphone broken and Apple is doing 0

Lately I’ve noticed people doesn’t listen to me when I was talking from my iPhone… I thought it was an operator issue since it doesn’t happen all the time. But the truth is the problem was increasing more and more, and all around… so it wasn’t a coverage problem. I checked if there were any […]

January 24, most geek day 0

IT people use to enjoy peculiar jokes, dates and acronyms… and today is one of this funny and geek days. As you may read in Spanish at Microsiervos, January 24 is the most geek day in the year. So, have fun!

Mates going mobile 0

Lately I’m involved with mobile technology and some of my work mates have notice that themselves are getting a little bit old-fashioned in this area. World is changing; everyday and fast. So I encourage them to acquire a mobile phone to try those new trends (they can afford it) and it’s being quite exciting to […]

Writter2ePub also for LibreOffice 0

Couple of months ago I decided to substitute my OpenOffice for LibreOffice, it was my humble contribution to enforce LibreOffice since it seems to me a more free and open alternative, specially after Oracle’s movements. By reading some blog (I don’t remember which one) I’ve found an interesting extension for OpenOffice (yes, I’ve wrotte OpenOffice). […]