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When technology becomes useful 0

Abstract: Here I tell you how I’ve found an impossible to find image for an album cover.

Spanish expensive and monopoly in Internet access 0

This days I’m moving to a new place. Internet connection has become a commodity. I didn’t study differents options yet but I’ve been told there’s a common minimum price you couldn’t avoid. Even more, by default first year best options belongs to the former spanish monopoly Telefonica. Worst of it isn’t those persistent provider (almost) […]

How to get a fully synchronization between iPhone and Google 0

How to get a full iPhone sync with your Google account

3d Video on a building 0

From time to time you found something stunning on the web, as I’m getting older it cost to me become surprised, but this video is something simple and awesome. Realistic 3D projection on a building

Oracle wins, IBM losses 0

The most important thing was: who was going to retain the control over java?… in short, IBM has let passed by a great chance. How this has happened, there were this steps: IBM offers an insuficient amount of money uppon Sun Sun looks for some other candidate IBM brokes negotiation when they know Sun is […]